Monday, January 17, 2011

Configuring Extension Mobility On CME

  Configuring EM
Step 1: Create the DN, seems basic, but I created numbers inside the user & logout profiles without defining these DNs.
ephone-dn  4  octo-line
  number 4000
  label Octo-Line 4000
  description 4000
ephone-dn  5  octo-line
  number 4001 no-reg primary
  label Line-4001

Step 2: Create the logout Profile & assign it to the Ephone which needs EM Enabled. Without this, EM is not enabled o the phone. Similar to EM Enable Param on UCM.
voice logout-profile 1
  pin 9999
  user 1111 password 1111
  number 4001 type normal
ephone  3
  mac-address DC7B.94F8.BF47
  ephone-template 1
  type 7961
  logout-profile 1

Step 3: Create the User Profile, Unlike UCM, the password here is used for login instead of the PIN.
voice user-profile 1
  pin 1111
  user abc password 111
  number 4001,4000 type normal
Contrary to documentation in CME Admin Guide, I didn't need to create the URL Authentication with the tel-ser to make EM Work.

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  1. Very useful but what about the DN assigned to the phone when the use logs out is it the Ephone-DN (4000 in this case) or the number assigned to the logout profile (4001 in this case) ?