Saturday, January 8, 2011

UCCX not properly integrated with CUCM

Hey guys,
I'm back on track now (don't know if I can make it time).
Anyways I was messing around with UCCX integration with CUCM and was able to break it.
Here are the symptoms:
1) UCCX integrated with CUCM
2) CUCM does not show that it has any integrated UCCX. This can be seen from two places:
a) End user does NOT show any IPCC extension option
b) Under Enterprise Params, it shows that Auto Attendant and IPCC are not installed

The only way to rebuild it is by going to CUCM and typing the following:
run sql update processconfig set paramvalue="T" where paramname like'%nstalled%'

This will change the Auto Attendant and IPCC so that CUCM thinks it is integrated with UCCX.
Next to reset any settings done on UCCX, go to Run and type "cet.bat".
A pop up will appear press No
Once a window opens select """"
Double click on the row on the right
Click on the second tab
in "Setup State" change it to "FRESH_INSTALL" from the drop down menu.
Press Ok and close that window.
Now you can can open the web page again and use the default credentials as if ure integrating UCCX for the first time (usr: Administrator pwd: ciscocisco)


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