Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Presence Configuration: Configuring CUPC Client in Softphone Mode

Integrating CUPS with CUCM for CUPC Client in Softphone Mode:
Part 1 - CUCM Steps:
1. Add End User.

2. Add CUPC Device:  The name of Device should be less than 15 chars. It must start with UPC followed by Username (till 15 chars, discard chars after 15th).

3. Add CUPS Server as an Application Server.

4. Assign Capabilities to the End User.

5. Create a new SIP Trunk Profile with the following parameters.

6. Add a SIP Trunk to the CUPS Server.

7. Update Service & Enterprise Parameters to Enable BLF Status, Allow Subscription & CUP SIP Trunk. Mention the SIP Trunk in Service Parameters. If you have more than 2 SIP Trunks in your UCM cluster. Always a good idea to have this mentioned.

8. Add an Application User with AXL API access for the CUPS Server to talk to UCM.

Part 2 : Configuring the CUPS Server

1. Goto System >> Topology and edit the CUPS Publisher name to IP Address.

This image shows the updated version.

2. Goto System >> CUCM Publisher and add CUCM Pub with admin user account.

3.Goto Security & create Inbound & Outbound ACL. 

4. Goto Service Params and add a domain name for the SIP Proxy  Service.
5.Now got to Serviceability and start all the Service. Come back to Topology after it to see the status of all the services. It should all show green with right checkboxes.

6.  Goto Presence >> Update CUPS Sip Trunk here.

7.Goto Gateways  and add CUCM as a Presence Gateway.  

8.Now goto Application >> CUPC >> Settings and add UCM as TFTP Server .
Now you can launch your CUPC Client and it will work in the shared line mode.
Hope this helps.

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