Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rerouting Calling Search Space in Unified Mobility

Here is the difference between Rerouting Calling Search Space (RCSS)  & Calling Search Space(CSS) in the Remote Destination Profile (RDP). 

1. RCSS is used for 2 purposes:
   a. When someone calls your Office Phone, say 5002, then this CSS is used to call your Cell Phone (Remote Destination associated to your RDP). This is imp cause the calling party might not have the COS to reach your cell phone number otherwise.
   b. When you hit the MOBILITY softkey from your phone to transfer your incoming calls to your cell phone. IMP point, for this to work, the owner user id must be associated at the device level. The user must be the one also associated to the RDP.

2. CSS in RDP is employed for these 2 purposes:
   a. When you call from your Cell Phone to the CUCM, this CSS can be used [ Provided you changed the SP from GWs CSS to RDP CSS] by your incoming call to hunt what all numbers it can reach. 
   b. When using MVA aka DISA service. This CSS is assumed by your MVA calls to provide COS to what all numbers you can dial.


  1. Thank for the explanation but I'm still didn't get it. Any easy example you can give?

    1. Rerouting CSS is used for things like Mobility (Single Number Reach). For
      example my company sends out all normal calls as 1 caller id number but for
      Mobility Calls we want to pass through the caller ID of the caller to my user's
      cell. Rerouting CSS allows me to forward the calls along a different path and
      out a different route list where I allow the outbound Caller id to be